Day 8 – a tart worthy of the Aubrac 

Another glorious day to complete the crossing of the Aubrac plateau. The sun was shining, no hint of a wind and very clear visibility as we set off from Les Chemins de St Jacques de Compostelle, L’Aubrac. We arrived at Aubrac village mid morning and inspected the church, war memorial and an unusual tower. The village was founded in the Middle Ages by a pilgrim returning from Compostela to give thanks for his pilgrimage and to serve future pilgrims. The large bell tower rings out to guide pilgrims across the Aubrac in bad weather.

“I” had heard about the tarts in the cafe so we settled down with all the other familiar pilgrims to enjoy a slice of heavenly red berries with green tea. It took some effort to get back on our feet an hour later to resume our walk.

Some years ago, the Council of Europe designated all the Camino routes as European Routes of Culture and, not to be out done, UNESCO has now listed the walk down from the Aubrac as one of its most wonderful places in the world. (A visit to the UNESCO website is a good way to pass a few minutes). It’s a shame Martin hasn’t joined me with his camera because I cannot do it justice. Perhaps you just have to walk it. I can’t think of a more beautiful walk on such a fine day. Trees, waterfalls, cows, forget-me-nots and white narcissuses, very big birds of prey, orchids…

As usual “I” had reserved the best Gite Andre and I’m in a pit called Relais de St Jacques which is unworthy of its name.

It’s me, striding out across the Aubrac this morning

Aubrac with Church and Bell Tower

The war memorial

Some happy pilgrims at the cafe of tarts

A tricky river crossing

Note the volcano in the background

Probably a prototype for every garden water feature

And before you ask, Mike, here is a pic of the Aubrac Blonde

2 comments on “Day 8 – a tart worthy of the Aubrac 

  1. Martin

    Good to see the weather is fine and you are enjoying French food, though I have reservations about French beer. Keep the photos coming, they give a good sense of the terrain and life there.

    • Martin, the beer is great. Kronenburg everywhere. It’s just like home.

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