Day 17 – another UNESCO beauty

Really I couldn’t walk more slowly. Even the tortoise-like Swiss team set off ahead of me this morning. I wanted to amble down to Cajarc and launch an all out assault on the town during lunch, somewhere the British never captured during the 100 years war. It is surrounded by huge limestone cliffs.

I joined the Swiss table for dinner last night as they are now used to me and again for breakfast. As before, they lined up outside the gite and sang their song before setting off this morning. After a decent interval I said goodbye to my hosts and set off along the UNESCO world heritage listed walk to Cajarc.

I soon arrived at the Pech Lagaire2 Dolmen, a national monument built 3500 years ago; a square sepulchral chamber with a large stone cover, according to my guide book. While I sat contemplating this ancient work of Man, G arrived having left the gite even later than me. G lives in the French Alps but did her spell as an au pair in London as a young girl and was keen to resuscitate her English. So we walked along this beautiful path smelling the flowers, eating the wild strawberries, listening to the birds and studying the teeming life in the ponds.

My guidebook is doing its best to encourage long daily stages but for now I’m crawling through the middle of France and enjoying every moment. I know I will have to get my running shoes on later but for now this is too good to rush.

Limestone cliffs of the Causses surrounding Cajarc

Typical stone walls and oak trees of the Causses

G joins me at the Dolmen
The Pech Laglaire2 Dolmen
A shepherd leads her flock
The Ecoasis gite last night. Very eco friendly

4 comments on “Day 17 – another UNESCO beauty

  1. Susanna

    Hi Tim just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying reading your blog each day!! It is so interesting and really inspiring!! And in fact ha ha I’ve just told Nick I’ve now added walking the Camino to my bucket list!! Take care and looking forward to tomorrows post!!x

    • Hi Susanna, great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. I hope you both walk the Camino. I’m certainly enjoying this French route. It opens up the very heart of France.

  2. DJ King

    What a perfect mantra for the Camino, Tim: “too good to rush!” And the food does look fabulous!

    • Hi DJ, it’s so good to have your support and encouragement. The food in France is magnifique and every meal seems to be better than the last and so so French.

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