Day 52 – up the Rhône Valley to Martigny

We met at 6.30 for breakfast this morning in the excellent Hotellerie Franciscaine, St Maurice. Breakfast was excellent and included real muesli as well as a good selection of breads and jams. You can taste the Swiss mountains as you eat this feast.

I discovered fairly soon after we set off that all was not well in what can politely be called my tummy. Fortunately we are in Switzerland and I can report that all the public WCs along the way were in good working order and well stocked with paper and soap. Had this malady struck in some of the French cafes in which we were forced to eat I should have written at length about the hidden horrors of the kitchen and the WCs. However we are now in spotless Switzerland, we have all eaten the same food and everyone else is fine. Hopefully I can sleep it off tonight.

Today’s 21 km walk up the Rhône Valley brought us to Martigny. The terrain was reasonably level but the mountains are now close enough to touch. For the reasons mentioned above, I cannot describe it in any detail so take a look at the photos to get an idea. The chaps have put me in a single room in the Hotel du Rhône (pilgrim discount) so I can enjoy frequent and exclusive access to the bathroom.

The altitude here is 471m, very similar to Lake Geneva. In three days we will be standing on top of the Great Saint Bernard Pass at 2469m with one foot in Switzerland and the other in Italy. The climb starts tomorrow.

Guarding the way to the Great St Bernard Pass

4 comments on “Day 52 – up the Rhône Valley to Martigny

  1. Sure hope your tummy’s better before you start that big climb tomorrow! If it’s anything like the Pyrenees, you’ll want to be in tip top form! It’s sure stunning scenery.

    • Thanks DJ I’m ok again and just in time for this stunning alpine scenery. What a relief!

  2. Vikki McLean

    Is the lady drinking coffee a fellow pilgrim? Did you check what kind of rucksack she has (can’t quite see it…)?

    • Hello Vikki (or perhaps it’s Callum?). As you probably guessed it’s the way they advertise in Switzerland. There are not many pilgrims who carry makeup.

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