Day 57 – rest day in Aosta

Our reward for reaching Aosta yesterday is a rest day today. Aosta is worth exploring because it dates back to Roman times when the town was founded in a valley leading up to the GSB Pass. Today we visited some Roman remains, namely the theatre and forum plus some old churches. It’s a scenic place: everywhere you look you can see the snow capped mountains in the distance. There are bars and cafes everywhere and gelato bars as well. Black cherry and pear with chocolate was my choice.

I’m really warming to Italy. There is a happy buzz about the place. And I found the Via Francigena guidebook in English in a bookshop. I paid in cash as I was so happy to find it. Perhaps I’ll be able to learn a little bit about the walk in Italy to flesh out my blog.

Today as promised, Coco, our final pilgrim guest from last year’s Via Podiensis walk joined us. She was always popping up in my blog and I doubt there is a soul who walked the Podiensis last year who does not know her. She drove down from her home in Lyon on her 1000 cc motorcycle and has only recently finished the Camino so we’ll have plenty to talk about over the next few days.

Tonight we have moved to a B&B called Maison Colombot which is excellent value and a great house. And this evening we had dinner with two more pilgrims who are stopping today. Margot, we went to your recommended restaurant La Vache Folle which we all thought was the best for atmosphere, food and value. A great experience and thanks for the suggestion.

The forum

Cloisters in St Orso

Dinner at La Vache Folle

7 comments on “Day 57 – rest day in Aosta

  1. Margot Knight

    Yay this is all sounding much more fun and please say hello to Coco too !! Wish I was there !! Xx

    • Hello Margot it is more fun, especially to see a few pilgrims along the way. I wish you were here too. We should be good for some happy days on the road to Rome. Coco says hello. Keep in touch, Tim

  2. Thank you Tim for the hint to the B&B. I will have a rest day as well in Aosta.

    • Hi Ruedi Aosta is a great rest day. You can buy a 7 Euro ticket to the main Roman sites. I suggest you book the B&B.

    • 00393472354586 Claire speaks good English.

  3. Walkmag

    Italian Happiness wonderful😁

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