Day 76 – …beside the seaside

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Paul and I couldn’t resist drifting slightly off course to reach the Italian seaside at Cinquale. Seaside places are the same everywhere: beach, funfair, bars, ice creams, umbrellas, postcards. Well maybe not postcards. I can’t remember when I last sent a postcard.

Down here in Italy it’s perfect seaside weather. The sun is roasting all the Italians on the beach. They are loving it. These Italians all look so happy with their bronze sun tans. And why not? They don’t need to worry about exiting the EU. The Euro is rising like a Frizzante bubble against the £. I might have to walk home.

We popped into a bar just across the road from our hotel and I noticed they were selling Tennents Super T beer. It’s not something you’d notice in Britain because you’d continue to scan the bar for something better. I suspect it will be replaced by something else before the dreaded Brexit day. Whatever beer you buy, the barmaid soon brings a tray of nibbles such as pizza or crisps and nuts.

This morning we started a bit late on account of our late night in Sarzana. The walk was an urban tarmac experience but it offered numerous bars and fruit shops. I got a decent cappuccino but what is wrong with croissants in Italy? They are all filled with a sugary syrup or if you can find a plain one it will be covered with sugar crystals and will taste like a doughnut. But pop next door to the fruit shop and for a few cents you can buy the huge ripe peaches and nectarines which are impossible to find in Britain. Plus apricots and bananas. It’s fruit heaven.

We are in the foothills of the Apuan Alps which are made of marble. All along the road are huge marble cutting facilities and enormous blocks of white marble. Even the kerbstones are marble. It’s impressive if you like marble.

The highlight of the day was crossing the 44th degree of latitude.

The cappuccino you get is smaller than the cup on display

Water fountains are frequent

The 44th parallel

A pet shop selling budgies

The cafe’s cat doesn’t flinch when customers bring their dogs

Marble for sale

2 comments on “Day 76 – …beside the seaside

  1. So funny about the Euro against the £. I’m glad that the walk has not make you lose your sense of humour!

    • Perhaps you should walk in the UK next year. It will be incredibly good value after 29 March, Brexit day!

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