Day 36 – a few shades of grey

My expectation for today was an interesting walk around the city to the coast and then a beautiful walk up the coast to what was hopefully a charming seaside resort with many nice bars and cafes.

It wasn’t like that. I skirted around the edge of Matsuyama and saw only the dullest light industrial landscape. Not even a single convenience store. There were a couple of temples which were uninspiring and then came the coast. The Japanese seem to see it as a threat rather than a leisure resource. All the way along the coastal road there were buildings which suggested greater prosperity in the recent past than the present day.

The rain started. It felt like there hadn’t been another pilgrim along the road for months. When I arrived at my accommodation (Mahoroba in Hojo) the most lovely lady welcomed me, showed me around the beautiful house, demonstrated how to operate the washing machine and the shower, hung my waterproofs, brought tea and showed me a simple illustrated menu of some dishes she could cook for my dinner. And what would I like to drink?

The suburbs of Matsuyama
In a 7 Eleven store. I’m not sure. Perhaps they are recent lottery winners
Walking up the coastal road
This ice cream unit must have a story
I noticed this elderly woman had a Harrods bag

8 comments on “Day 36 – a few shades of grey

  1. Vikki Mclean

    Good morning Tim.

    I think the photo-posters look more like Japan’s most wanted – dead or alive, rather than lottery winners.


  2. I’m beginning to see why the Japanese are the world’s most enthusiastic tourists.

  3. David Rose

    3 million yen is quite a reward (6 million for the guy on the left). As far as I can understand the Kanji, they must have allowed their small towels to fall off the tops of their heads into the water at the onsen.

  4. Jennykreeve

    Very dreary looking day for you. You must be thrilled that your hosts every evening are always warm and lovely.

    • Yes that’s a major part of the pilgrimage. I’m moving inland next so things will cheer up after the past couple of days

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