Day 25 – Thomas Muir?

Kilsyth to Lennoxtown, 16Km

I’m just north of Glasgow, it’s just down the road. So close and yet, so far. Glasgow is also a great city and much improved in recent years. I was tempted to take a bus into town but I need to save my strength for tomorrow.

Glasgow used to be a rough old place. I worked there in 2008, for one of the great Scottish engineering companies. They make compressors. I never discovered what a compressor does, I just did my job in the IT department. My first day was 3 January and when I arrived at the hotel the night before, the place was wrecked and everyone had a hangover. I had to find the sheets to make my own bed.

The following evening, my boss took me out for an Indian meal in his favourite curry house. We had a table by the window and had barely started on the poppadoms when there was a commotion outside. A man was grabbed by three policemen, thrown against our window and searched. He looked down at my beer as they put the handcuffs on and then led him away. My boss continued discussing the project as if nothing had happened.

I worked for them on an occasional basis until 2015 at their factories around the world and sometimes was hauled back to Glasgow for a meeting. Although the company had no HR department until the early 2000s, they were one of the most caring firms I’ve ever come across and everyone I met became like family. So I have a soft spot for Glasgow.

Anyway I’m just about done with the John Muir Way. There’s a new man on the scene, Thomas Muir, and he’s grappling for space with John on the lampposts. I’ll leave them to it because tomorrow I start the West Highland Way and I’m looking forward to it. It’s a popular and dramatic walk and I’m expecting it to be quite busy. At last I’ll head north through the Highlands of Scotland towards Orkney.

The Antonine Wall again, this time on Bar Hill
The Military Road
At least seven
I continued along the Forth & Clyde Canal
Here’s a disused railway line and the remains of a station at Milton of Campsie

12 comments on “Day 25 – Thomas Muir?

  1. Mary Kirk

    Ha! you should have known Glasgow in the 60s! Oh, and I want to know how the midges are, please

    • Hi Mary, can you add to Vicky’s account of mini kilts, perhaps in the tenements of Glasgow? The midges are not well. The long dry summer has wiped them out and I haven’t seen a single midge. But I’m entering their heartland now. If the rains keep away I may get lucky. Otherwise I’m sure I’ll mention them!

  2. Philippa

    Tim, your posts are a godsend. Here in Aotearoa NZ we’re back in our maximum level 4 lockdown because the Delta variant has finally made it out of MIQ and into the community. Seven cases at last count, which may seem risible in the British Isles; however, Jacinda is determined to stamp Covid out. I much prefer counting swans & found eight in your lovely photograph. Thank you!

    • Sorry to hear that. I hope your level 4 works. I can’t be sure but I think you are right about the 7 cygnets (I had to look that up). Stay safe!

  3. Tassie Kaz

    Hi Tim,
    As always, your anecdotes give us a good chuckle. 🤭
    One thing I have noted from your walk is the origin of so many town names in Australia. Makes perfect sense of course but still nice to have a direct link; an ‘ahh…so that’s where that name comes from’ moment.
    Congrats on (almost) completing the JMW & best wishes for the WHW.

    • It was that or more Roman ruins! Hopefully I should now be clear of them. Give me the Saxons any day!

  4. Tim you are doing very well! I spent a happy week in Clachan of Campsie at Campsie Glen a few years ago. Very beautiful area. The Celtic training ground was ‘just around the corner’! You must have been near today. Good luck with the next stage. Tim

    • Thanks Tim, I hope you’re soon back down south so we can make that walk

  5. Sophie

    You’re catching up to our road trip now Dad! Enjoy the highlands! The only night we saw midges was our second to last night near Applecross, the Avon spray you gave me SAVED me! Everyone else got a fair few bites but I got none!

    • I hope it works for me! I just about to enter their zone. They love the West Highland Way, all those sweaty walkers…

  6. See what I mean about the Scottish water and swan reproduction! Each step you take (or photo really) includes more cygnets. Can’t wait for the next cygnet picture. Loved yesterday’s history post by the way.

    • They don’t go in for small families! It must be the Scottish water. I’ll keep my eyes open for more Swans

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