Day 24 – Going up

St Johann in Tirol to Soll, 26Km

das Christiphorus, 64.80 euros

I’m sure it would have been a fabulous day walking in the Tirol if I could have seen any of it. I climbed out of St Johann and continued climbing into the clouds covering the surrounding hills. I didn’t know where I was going, except I was going up. The map suggested I’d be out in the wilds for the first 10Km and I might have been for all I know but at least I was walking on a good cycle path which led me up and then down to a place called Going.

I found the Going baker shop in my path and stopped for a cappuccino but I had to decline the apple strudel due to the overwhelming breakfast experience at the Hotel Park.

The climb resumed and I was now in the land of cable cars and ski lifts. One pretty little Tirol village led to the next, each waiting patiently for the summer season to start.

You’d think you could simply walk along the road in this valley but you can’t. The road is narrow and busy with huge trucks thundering along so I’m at the mercy of the Jakobsweg. We went off piste into the soaking vegetation and along raging torrents. I climbed 540m up to 883m apparently, until it finally let me down in Soll.

Soll is another Tirol resort, very pleasant in the season, no doubt. I’m dining in a little Turkish restaurant and I’m the only one here. I ordered an Istanbul pizza and a side salad but the waitress said they didn’t do side salads, only large ones. So I just had the pizza.

Innsbruck is 4 days away but I’m going to try to get there in 3 days. No particular reason except I’m getting bored plodding along alone through out of season resorts. Looking at Booking.com, there appears to be plenty of accommodation in a miserable sounding place called Rattenberg. I’m not booking anything but already Booking.com is flooding me with emails, “Still dreaming of Rattenberg?”

Somewhere above St Johann
Man takes cat for a walk
Apple strudel in Going bakery
A walk in the woods

4 comments on “Day 24 – Going up

  1. Roger Clarkson

    I have holidayed in Ellmau (a long time ago) , think I enjoyed the skiing. Watch out for marmots (alpine ground squirrels) on your travels.

    • I saw a marmot yesterday! It ran across the path in front of me. They’re quite small. I’ll watch out for more

  2. Same as Roger. Ellmau was the 2nd place I skied back in the 70’s. The food hasn’t changed, from the sound of it. I do hope you meet some other walkers soon…

    • I imagine it’s a very different place in winter with all the hotels and ski lifts packed with people. They can’t get enough apple strudel and neither can I

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