Day 39 – Cable Car up Kronberg

Appenzell to St Peterzell, 27Km

Gasthaus Hörnli, CHF 35

One of the most charming aspects of Switzerland is the railway system. The trains are bright red, they are punctual to the second and wherever you are in the country it won’t be long before you notice a train weaving it’s way through the landscape, as if it was part of some life size train set. My B&B hotel in Appenzell was next to the station and the trains followed me all the way to Jakobsbad. If I’d known I could have hopped on one.

The weather here is unforecastable. Yesterday was rain, thunderstorms and mist; today was big blue skies and sunshine. I therefore took the opportunity to take a cable car ride up the Kronberg mountain, a climb from 850m to 1640m. We don’t have many cable cars in Britain so I couldn’t miss the thrill of dangling from a cable up in the Alps. It might not be the Aiguille du Midi but the views from the top are breathtaking. I could see all the way to Konstanz on the Bodensee.

I bumped into Gerhard and Franz again. They were in a state of shock having paid CHF120 for their room last night. Tonight I’m expecting them at the Gasthaus Hörnli. It’s a rough old place but is mentioned on the accommodation list, offering B&B to pilgrims for just CHF 35. It’s a lot of money for what it is but it’s a bargain for where it is.

Looking towards the Kronberg this morning
These mountains dominate the walk
On top of the Kronberg
I’m always amazed how these things work
Back on the Jakobsweg
That’s my way, straight across the meadow
Gasthaus Hörnli

4 comments on “Day 39 – Cable Car up Kronberg

  1. Steve McQueen yesterday and Richard Burton today, leaping from a cable car. I hope your insurance is up to date. Enjoy the fondue tonight, it will fuel you for a long and hilly walk tomorrow.

  2. Spectacular photos all around 👏🏼

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