Day 40 – Brisk march

St Peterzell to St Gallenkappel, 24Km

LandGasthof Krone, CHF 95

Although the forecast was for rain, thunder and cool temperatures, it was clear from the moment I woke up at 5 something that today was going to be another scorcher. Big blue skies, a few fluffy clouds and hot, hot, hot.

Breakfast was over within a few minutes and I was soon walking over the green pastures looking at the long shadows of the early morning sunshine.

Ahead of me, I saw the now familiar sight of the two Austrian pilgrims and I caught up with them. They stayed in a hotel in St Peterzell and were walking farther than me today so the pace was brisk. When we reached Wattwil, I had to choose between stopping at a bakery which was highly recommended or continuing with my Austrian friends. It’s such a relief, after all this time, to actually walk with someone so I sacrificed the cappuccino and croissant and continued, even though we couldn’t talk.

Just after Wattwil, we stopped to look at the Iberg Castle (see main photo above) and then the church in Walde, where we each lit a candle. We reached my destination, St Gallenkappel, at 1pm and said farewell in German and English.

St Gallenkappel is a small town with no restaurant or bar and the accommodation (another Booking.com disaster) offers nothing for the pilgrim, not even tea making facilities. However, Google found me a restaurant in the next town so I went out for a 2.8Km Sunday afternoon stroll to get a sausage served with home made potato salad. A little exercise never hurt anyone.

Early morning stillness, sunshine and long shadows
Marching with the Austrian pilgrims, Gerhard and Franz today.
I didn’t have time to wait for the flag to flutter in the wind so you just have to imagine it
☕️ & 🥐 not today
They have a field full of grass but they have to dice with electricity
The three pilgrim candles
Farmyard display
A typical Swiss Sunday morning scene. Yes, people really do live in houses like that

6 comments on “Day 40 – Brisk march

  1. I can’t believe the scenery in the photos Tim, it must be fake. Or they have the strictest planning rules in Christendom.

  2. Kia ora, Tim, thanks for the great picture of the horses and the electric wire. When I was a kid we had a very large white bull on the farm and he used to get his jollies by leaning his rump on the electric wire! I loved the ‘farm display’ – clearly prizes given for a set of four matching milk bars – a culturally appropriate objective! Chocolate box gorgeous scenery.
    Kia kaha, Vicky

    • I’ve never touched an electric wire but presumably it must be quite strong to hold back a field of cattle. Maybe you’re right: it’s only there for their pleasure

  3. Hi Tim one of your fabulous pics seems to have a sign warning of cats – maybe you should get one for your house in Weybridge?

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