Day 41 – Rapperswil Season 1 Finale

St Gallenkappel to Rapperswil, 14Km

This is my last day of walking. My plans were always a little vague except I never intended to go all the way to Le Puy-en-Velay this year but hopefully I’ll return next year to finish it. At one point I thought I’d finish at the Swiss border, to complete the long walk across Austria but about a week ago I decided to aim for Rapperswil because it’s on the Camino which starts in Konstanz. That gives me the option to walk from Konstanz next year which I think is more popular among pilgrims. I’ve also had generous offers of accommodation from Swiss friends I’ve made on previous walks so hopefully that will be possible next year.

It’s been a strange day. I set off at 7.10 on what was intentionally a short day, negotiated my way through one last herd of cattle and then took my revenge in McDonalds. There was little of interest on the way. I’m still struggling with traffic driving on the right and bicycles actually using cycle lanes which they tend not to do in Britain. Anyway I arrived safely in Rapperswil and took the paddle steamer to Zurich to mop up time.

I’m now at Zurich airport. I wanted to give up flying but what can you do when the British trains are on strike and BA charged me just 50 pence and some of their air miles for a one way ticket with dinner and all the beer I can drink? And the plane practically lands in my garden. I’ll be home in bed while the last few passengers are still disembarking.

It’s been an incredible experience, to walk across Austria. The landscape was spectacular, both along the Danube and then in the mountains. The accommodation was mostly excellent and the food rather good. It was a chance to reflect on the country’s history in empire and war and the rich culture in classical music (shame they couldn’t continue that tradition into the modern age and the negligible Austropop genre). And there were those great movies, The Third Man in Post War Vienna, The Sound of Music made in 1960s Salzburg and perhaps Chalet Girl but I’ve not seen that one.

Thank you for following these ramblings of mine and I really do appreciate every single comment, particularly on what has been a very lonely journey this time. It’s a privilege to walk across Europe because it’s not an option for many people today, nor was it in the past. And who knows what the world will be like next year.

The rain held off until I reached the airport
Classic covered bridge
The final field of cows for this year
Plenty of water along the way
Approaching Rapperswil on the Zürichsee
Here comes my paddle steamer
Bye bye Rapperswil

43 comments on “Day 41 – Rapperswil Season 1 Finale

  1. Congratulations on your finale, Tim! So how many miles/km did you walk this year? It took you almost the exact same number of days that the Camino Frances took me. But I’m guessing you went further.

    • Hi DJ, gosh that’s interesting. I didn’t stick to my rough plan so I’ve just gone back through the blogs and here’s the answer: 926Km. I was away for 41 days and walked for 35 days. It was a strange mixture of very short and very long days. The Camino is about 800Km

  2. Roger Clarkson

    Well done. Glad you had a good time. Sandown Saturday?

  3. Thank you for taking us with you on this journey, Tim. It has been a treat to open this blog each morning and to enjoy your wit, insights, and stunning photography brighten our day. We wish for you many more kilometers traversing this orb. Rebecca and Jeff Wilkinson

    • Hi Rebecca & Jeff, thanks for those kind words. It gives me a lot of encouragement to return for Season 2 to Le Puy-en-Velay

  4. Always good to safely reach the end of a long journey. The scenery so different to your walk through Scotland last year!

    • Hi Dave, you know I’m always grateful for a safe ending to a walk. But it’s the remaining 10 months of the year that can be more dangerous! I’m glad I went to the Passion Play and I wish you a good trip to Oberammergau in September

  5. Another brilliant travelogue Tim, we were all there with you every step. Although I think there are in fact quite a lot of people walking across Europe at the moment – many ending up in Dover! See you at the pub soon!!

    • Thanks Mike I’m looking forward to getting back to the pub. Not that I’ve been deprived of beer. In fact I’ve developed a liking for the 40dl measure

  6. Julian sherratt

    Congratulations on finishing your pilgrimage and thankyou for the great stories and photos, it’s been a real pleasure following you from all of us next door.

    • Hello everyone next door, thank you and as I’m now next door again, we must have a coffee, my turn.

  7. Hello Tim,
    I’m sorry I have contributed so few comment but I have opened your blog every day and have thoroughly enjoyed my journey through Austria and Switzerland. It was lovely to leave you to do all the hard work of actually walking while I simply looked at your stunning photos and read your entertaining words. Thank you!

    • Hi Vikki I know you’re there! Hopefully we’ll all have another get together soon

  8. Dave Conway

    Well done Sir. I take my hat off to you! I hope your flight takes off. Our flight from London to Heathrow was just cancelled, as were others, and as there were no planes for days, we caught a ferry to Holyhead, spent the night at Trearddur Bay, then took a train to London today – that’s the level of our adventure these days! Actually, we finished driving the Wild Atlantic Way, all 2,600 km of it – now that’s a walk you you could easily manage. See you at Sandown next time we’re there, but not sure when…

    • Fantastic journey and so beautiful. I’m looking at the website. I drove bits of Ireland years ago and would love to return. Hope to see you both over the winter jumps

  9. Well done Tim, a great achievement! Cath

  10. Hi Tim,
    I have loved reading your blog. I am always envious of your walks and congratulate you on completing another epic adventure. Hope the last part of your journey goes well. hope to see you soon.

    • Thank you Suzi for all your great comments along the way. Got home safely if a little later than planned. BA!

  11. Peter Mastenko

    Is it really day 41 already? Always an excellent read! I will try to catch up with a few I missed when I return from my cycling in the lakes and mountains of Northern Italy.

    • Thanks Pete. Enjoy your bike ride, maybe see you at the Proms, let me know if you’re tempted by anything. And enjoy the Passion Play too.

  12. Peter Mastenko

    ..but l will need a pedalo to actually cycle in the lakes..

  13. Philippa T

    That wonderful moody rain photo at the top of this post seems like a fitting end to your spectacular walk though Austria. Thanks Tim for your blog; I’ll look forward to next year’s Camino!

    • Hi Philippa yes that was the sight that greeted me at the start of the day. It really was a spectacular walk!

  14. Walkmag

    Congratulations, will miss your daily updates

    • Thank you for all your comments Maggie which kept me motivated. Hopefully season two next year. I’m missing it already!

  15. Kia ora Tim, Well done on another epic walk. Great photos (thanks for the horses) of magnificent countryside and wonderful writing. I look forward to the next series next year. Kia kaha, Vicky

    • Hi Vicky thanks for your regular comments which always cheer me up while I’m sitting alone in the evenings drinking beer. I’m looking forward to getting back to Switzerland to continue on my way to Le Puy-en-Velay

  16. Jane Van Buren

    Well -done my pilgrim friend! As always a very entertaining blog with lovely photos of your lonely trek through the adorable Austrian scenery.
    In 5 weeks I walk the West Highland Way so I will re-visit your blog from last summer before then.
    Take care and I look forward to your next pilgrimage 🥾

    • Hi Jane thanks and great to hear from you. Will your trip to Scotland include any time in London, if so it would be great to meet again and of course you’re welcome to stay. I operate a regular taxi service to Heathrow

  17. Tassie Kaz

    Well done Tim! It’s your accomplishment but you’ve brought much joy to us, your troupe of loyal followers.
    Another achievement can’t be overlooked; managing lengthy walks each year of a pandemic which stopped so many in our tracks…literally.
    Seems our little Kobes will get another outing; the Jeju Olle in Korea has finally got my feet itching. Aiming for northern hemisphere spring next year.
    Rest up & enjoy reflecting. 🤗

    • Thanks and you’ve brought a lot of joy to me too. I really could do it without looking forward to the comments every day especially when I’m alone on the road. You’re taking little Kobes to Korea? Brilliant! I’m tempted to recover my Japanese and return for more so look after him; I may need to borrow him again! Let me know your plans for this hemisphere when they exist

  18. Thank you Tim! I very much enjoyed following your travels. You are a brilliant writer and I look forward to your next travel blog. Paul is still on his motorcycle adventure but I’m sure he will enjoy reading about your adventure when he gets home. Well done and best wishes to you!

    • Hi Reva, somehow, someday we’re going to meet! Paul has found an interesting movie theatre in WA and if he can agree the rent we can all live upstairs. We’re having a video catch up when he’s back and I’m looking forward to hearing about his amazing Hell on Ice trip

  19. Well done on completing your lonely pilgrimage. I have enjoyed and once again learned so much from your daily blog. Look forward to the next one.

    • Thanks it sure was lonely, it was the shortest walk but felt like the longest. But never mind because it was a fascinating journey through a country so rich in history and culture and so much more

  20. Congratulations Tim. Really insightful blog, hope to catch up once you are back.

    • Hi Tom, great to hear from you. I was driving down the Goldhawk Road a few weeks ago and I always think about that night in the Polish restaurant (not that I can remember very much!). I have not touched a drop of vodka since! It must be time for a catch up with Carlos too, Let’s do it. Tim

  21. Another thoroughly entertaining blog Tim – can’t wait for the next leg of your journey.

  22. Rachel Birks

    Well done Tim, I am enjoying catching up with your blogs as we have been away on holiday; great photos and interesting descriptions of your journey as always!! How we all remember the ‘Sound of Music’!!??

    • Hi Rachel, great to hear from you again. I thought you must have been away; hope you had a good time. Yes, The Sound of Music is such a great film and deserves to be seen every year or two. Hope to see you both soon, Tim

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