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Day 19 – Pamplona no bull

You don’t need to have read Hemingway to know all about the bull run in one mad July week. It would be impossible to conceive such a festival if it didn’t already exist. Anyway during the rest of the year you can join a CGI version if you like. 

The highlight of my day was a hot bath, to remove the assorted blister plasters on my right foot.  Unfortunately I lost count and removed a new layer of toughened skin so it’s back to the start. I might be here for awhile. 

Plenty to do in Pamplona. Lots of churches of course, all very spectacular. And lots of bars where Hemingway drank, of course. And from the battlements you can look across at the dramatic hills of Navarra. 

Church of San Saturnino
on the bull run
Pamplona fortifications
Cathedral of Santa Maria
pilgrim staffs for sale
fridge magnet, lest we forget

2 comments on “Day 19 – Pamplona no bull

  1. Where is the selfie with staff and shells? You missed a mini heatwave but it is cool and raining now.

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