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Day 20 – 333 Kms

Lazy day in Pamplona but that’s what it says in the plan.

I’ve walked 333 Kms in almost 3 weeks. According to my Camino app I have 709 Kms to go. Basically, straight across Spain. 

fish shop
Now that I’m on the main Camino, I should be able to just follow the signs, mingle with the pilgrims and occasionally glance at my iPhone which is describing every section, directions, a cross section for the ascents and descents, nearby attractions and the hostels. This app includes Google maps and a compass which points the way ahead. So I’m not expecting to get lost???

It’s easy to draw inspiration from the pilgrims that I’m meeting. In among the gap year students and career breakers there are many people who have recovered from health scares and quite a few from SE Asia as well as France and Spain of course. 

4 comments on “Day 20 – 333 Kms

  1. For your blisters have you tried “Dr. Scholl’s® Moleskin Plus Padding – designed to help alleviate pain from blisters, bunions, calluses and corns with adhesive padding that provides all-day pain relief.”
    I’ve found that 2 pairs of thinner socks is best for walking.
    Spotted any wildlife yet – wolves bears etc?

    • I had never really been that interested in Dr Scholl’s brand before this trip. Now I have installed his gel insoles to good effect. Blisters are under control for now but I have some sort of sprain which is a bit ominous.
      I’ve always stuck to one pair of socks but a lot of people recommend 2 thin socks. I’ll try anything! No wildlife which is how I like it…

  2. Julian

    A few common desserts, apart from flan:
    crema catalana – crème brulee
    tarta de queso – cheesecake, but not as we know it
    arroz con leche – cold rice pudding
    natillas – cold custard normally served with a biscuit (rather like a rich tea) floating on top
    tarta de la casa – tart of the house: could be anything
    helado – ice cream
    nata – cream
    fruta – fruit (naranja is orange, manzana is apple, platano is banana, fresa is strawberry)

    • Amazing, thanks Julian. I’ll look out for crema catalana if they do it up here. Sounds tasty.

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