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Day 29 – Atapuerca, Half Way

I’ve now walked 529 Kms out of 1045 Kms. Today I passed the half way point. Whichever way I look at it, that means I have to walk the same again. Almost 100 more cafe con leches, at least a case of Rioja and maybe a dozen candles burning brightly in churches along the way. 

Like every day, today started with coffee and croissant at 7am in the nearest bar, another coffee about 10am. Lunch will be a crusty baguette sandwich and we’ll arrive at our destination about 2pm for a shower and then perhaps a beer with fellow pilgrims. Everyone will eat the dinner pilgrims menu when the restaurant opens. 

nice woodland walk to start the day
crooked house in St Juan de Ortega
popular bar with pilgrims in St Juan de Ortega
inside the monastery built to house the remains of the saint
it was a compulsory stop on the Camino in the 12th century
more open Castille landscape
every settlement along the way proudly displays its place
excellent goats cheese salad
hake, the favourite fish around here

8 comments on “Day 29 – Atapuerca, Half Way

  1. Congratulations! All downhill from here…

  2. Regina

    Well done Tim, great effort so far! Light a candle for us O’Sheas when you reach your destination šŸ˜€

    • Hi Regina really good to hear from you. I certainly will light a candle for you family and will toast you too. Stay tuned.

  3. Julian

    Congratulations! I’d love to come out for a few days but I can’t get time off work. I’m deputising for our project manager who is hiking in Peru for 6 weeks.

  4. Peter Mastenko

    Well done, Tim! Best of luck for the remainder of the walk.

    • Thanks Peter. You really must bring your bike friends along the Camino. It’s perfect for a traffic free holiday.

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